Well, damn.

The Bad Witch just opened an email. You know the kind? The kind that makes you unable to answer the phone or work or do anything real for a few hours.

Well, here I sit. A few unproductive hours later with a couple of phone calls to return.

My sometimes protectress, often teacher, and always kick-ass Voodoo-Mama-friend, “Mama Lisa,” crossed over on Saturday at the age of 98.

That’s a good run, I have to say. But it’s also kinda hot on the heals of having lost another spiritual guide, Brother Preacherman.

I’m jes feelin’ a little . . . at the crossroads.


12 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. I’m sorry! 98 years is a long time, but it can also seem like they just shouldn’t bother to die once they get that old.

    It also gave me a scare for a sec, because we have a Mama Lisa here who’s grown up but still baby – – faced.

    • Thanks Freeman. That’s right – she was always just stubborn that way 😉

      But, naw, she’s not from AL – she’s from down in the Delta somewheres – St. Mary Parish, I think.

    • Ain’t you sweet? (Sweet Tea?) It’s all good. She had a very, very full life and touched many souls along the way. (And whipped a few butts into shape along the way.) I just hate that I’ll miss her funeral. I’m due to go down in three weeks.

      • I understand about the missing of the funeral. But, sometimes, sharing your grief with others isn’t in the cards (for whatever reason). In either case, celebrate that woman’s life and remember her well.

  2. So sorry, transitions are seldom easy. Now they can guide from the other side. Love and torches….Ishara )0(

  3. My heart goes out to you for these losses and other losses of late. Hemingway said “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

    . . . .

    Inspiration and peace my sister,

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