(Until) Mercury Straightens Out

I wrote this one about six months ago, but I think the lessons still apply. I was just looking at my calendar thinking that there is going to be a rough row to hoe from here until Ostara for some folks.
I know I had a funky energy day which culminated in a funky reunion with my Crafty students–we sped through a mostly-review lesson and ended up discussing the Tucker Carlson fiasco. (No worries, it wasn’t a bitch-fest; it was in the context of a more academic conversation about religious rights.)
Some fun follow-up notes for ye: The grad student in the original post and I have gotten to be very good friends, so there’s a real bonus. And my supervisor really liked my Lit project, so that’s good too.
Until tomorrow, waes hael!

The Bad Witch Files

We all know what happens when Mercury goes retrograde, right? All of our best attempts at communication go haywire. Computers crash, phones die, emails disappear — as does my vocabulary. We should all learn to sit on our hands for a few weeks whenever this happens. This is not to say that we should hide or lollygag, just that we should be still and let things sort themselves out.

Let me put it like this. As the Sun moves forward through the zodiac, sometimes Mercury moves its tiny-little-butt a little faster. A precocious bugger, Mercury gets ahead of itself. But the Sun is saying, “Hang on, it’s not time.” So, Mercury lags back for three weeks waiting for the rest of the cosmos to fall into line.

It’s kinda like a green horse. You know what happened to my mare and prolly wondered how long it would be before I went horse

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