Lammas Preparations

Lammas blessings to everyone.

Tomorrow is the end of our first membership drive and our in-gathering. We are all coming together not only to celebrate as a clan, but to share our fruits with the broader community by way of the local humane society.[1]

This year our Hoietfescht, wheat fest, will commemorate more than a harvest of the garden, but the harvest of a community. We are rounding out a year of toxin-free growth and have gone from being a handful of folks mulling about with an idea, some hope, and a drum and trying to recover from a terrific misstep involving some very nasty neighbors to a tight tribe of two-dozen folks[2] (and growing) with a hof and vé to call our own.

One of the traditions we will be starting involves bringing in part of the year’s harvest as an offering. This is nothing new. But I’m developing a way of bringing in some material remnants of that old bad-faith relationship, those old toxicities, and incorporating them as a representation of “days past”—those old things which don’t serve to sustain us or nourish us in any way, so that we can make way for new growth, new vitality. Of course, this is done in a positive way, not a malicious attack on the past (on account o’—what good would that do ‘cept to turn and bite me in my own behind). Much like the Bracher, Spirit Walker, Witch Doctor, Shaman, etc. clears the bad juju from a place or patient so that healing can take root. As ever, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Another tradition is grain-free bread. Amaranth bread doesn’t rise, but it tastes good. Among our tribe and guests of tribe members are those with celiac disease and otherwise gluten-frees and grain-frees. Imagine the “loaf-fest” jokes that we will/have/ circulate/d? I’ll fill you in on that too.

I’ve more work to do before tomorrow, but I wanted to stop in and wish you all a happy holiday weekend, whether you celebrate Lammas, Hoietfescht, or Lughnasadh. And to share with you some of the new additions to our hof altar—especially for tomorrow’s Freyfaxi. There are other goodies in the works, but this is what I have images of which to show you.

Wæs Hæl!

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[1] Which has been trying for the past few years to become no-kill, but in a college town that’s an uphill battle. The students take in an animal and find they can’t keep it so set it loose or just turn animals out at the end of term. It’s disgusting. As a result, our shelter charges a premium for adoption making it harder for honest-folks to adopt. Plus, there’s a lot—I mean a LOT—of dog-fighting in nearby areas.

[2] We have little-ones, grown ones, teen ones, all kinds of kind.


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