A Name Change

Those of you who have been with me long enough know that I have a problematic relationship with names. I can never seem to live up to one or stay satisfied with another.

I’ve renamed the blog, “Witchcraft From Scratch.”  Not only does the title intentionally imply the invention with which our little group of heathens is approaching the reclamation of American ancestral magics, “from scratch,” but it also serves as a bit of a double-edged, snickery retort to those who peg witches as members of Satan’s infernal harem.

I thought of it as I typed it, it wasn’t planned; but when I saw it on the page I found it funny. It gives a nod to the influence of Germanic Faustian imagery in American religious traditions–Christian and Pagan/Heathen. “From Scratch”–as is “Old Scratch.” This can connote “since the Scratch stories,” “descended from the Scratch stories,” or–my preference–“from the same culture that gave us the Scratch stories.” (Read Washington Irving’s “The Devil and Tom Walker” for an example.)

The Devil and Tom Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker

In a few days I’ll try to tell you about why I felt the need to make a change, even if only a symbolic one. For now, I’ve got some Lammas leftovers to deal with.

Waes thu hael,



What are you thoughts?

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