A Real Defense Against . . . Whatchagot?

With the dark of the moon and the eclipse on hand, I thought I’d re-share this one. It’s always good to remember what you’re defending yourself against–especially if it’s something of your own making!

The Bad Witch Files

Guy on the cruise: My kids aren’t quite as old as yours. What can I expect in a few years?
The Husband: Yeah, they spend a lot of time in their rooms. My youngest stays in there all day and listens to dark music.
Guy on the cruise [to The Youngest]: What bands do you like?
Youngest: Um, like, The Police, Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, I love The Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Yea, she’s old sql.

I give you this preface so that you understand The Husband’s concept of “dark.”

The Husband has gotten to the point in occult training where light-bulbs are going off left and right. After having a lesson he will come to me and say, “Ohhhh, I get it! That’s what you always meant by . . .”

The other day he had an epiphany about Professor Snape[1]:

Everybody thinks he’s the…

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