A Day in the Life: Wyrd and Balance

I was looking for something I had written about oorlog and ran across this one from last April. Thought I’d reshare.

Witchcraft From Scratch

I heard the news today, oh boy.

–John Lennon

Now a lot of you who read my posts on Facebook and Twitter might think I saw one huge shitstorm raining down. I emphatically maintain that everything I articulated was about a lot of little things—not one conglomerate shitstorm.[1] It was all about a neighborhood hoodlum who has a thing for my landscaping, about a dude who lied a really ugly lie to his wife since 2008, about a family member who tried to wreck my husband’s life and got her comeuppance, about a friend who was forced to walk in the shoes of someone she judged very harshly. Stuff like that.

As we are all likely aware, Mercury has recently returned to its direct path. Ah, Mercury Retrograde—that period of missed communications, misunderstandings, bad contracts, bad emails, mixed signals, bad timing. Good fun. But that all passed on March…

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