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I am (once again) offering readings to the public. After a year of laying low and only reading for friends and kindred, I’m going to offer readings between September 1, 2013 and December 1, 2013. Not only is this good for you, but it will serve as part of my devotional service.

I only ask that you make a donation to my ministry group, Open Path Sanctuary; Nine Worlds Kindred and Open Path Pagan Seminary are funded entirely by donations to Open Path and modest sales from The Wyrd Sister Shop. Suggested donations are listed below; but in the end, the amount is up to you. And as a donation is optional, I will read for you no matter what. Make sure you indicate what kind of reading you want.

Donate via PayPal

Donate via PayPal

I am offering:

  • Full Rune Reading ($7.00)
  • Runic Magic Consultation and Casting ($10.00 – 30.00)
  • Three Rune Reading ($3.00)
  • 12 Houses Tarot Reading–1 card per house ($7.00)
  • 12 Houses Tarot Reading–3 cards per house ($10.00)
  • Celtic Cross Tarot Reading with opposing/supporting cards and numerological correspondences ($7.00)
  • Three Card Tarot Reading ($3.00)
  • I Ching Hexagram Reading plus changing lines, when applicable ($3.00)

Rune Readings

RuneCastI work with the Elder Futhark, the oldest form of the runes.  Each symbol in the aett has a name, a meaning, a direction of guidance and a corresponding chant. There is also a yogic system of exercise based on the runes. Unlike other forms of divination, runic magic has the ability to counteract a situation.

Each session will include a connection chant, where the reader will open him/herself to the client’s energy. A full rune casting includes information from the client’s “nine worlds.” This will include a various number of runes depending on your reading.

A three rune reading will include information about current, rising, and falling energies.

I do not use a “wyrd” rune and I read merkstav runes as lower energies not as reversals.

You will receive a full written report with images of your runic reading.

Runic magic requires a bit of consultation beforehand. If you would like a runic magic consultation, contact me at and we will start the process.

Tarot Readings

I prefer to use the 1970 Aquarian deck by David Palladini, but will use the Rider-Waite or Thoth deck upon request. I try to avoid non-standard decks. I find the Aquarian deck taps into some primordial archetypes that I understand on a subconscious level better than the more masculine Rider-Waite. Perhaps because I appreciate Art-Deco from my gut or vice-versa, or because I have used this particular deck since 1987. It’s all wound up in the same thing, I suppose.

The 12 House spread uses the insights of the Tarot to investigate the twelve symbolic “houses” of Astrology (I interpret them: self, value, communication, roots, pleasure, health, partnership, death and rebirth, travel, ambition, fortune, and mysticism).

If you want your natal chart included as part of this reading, please consider donating a higher amount. I don’t usually do natal readings but have a kindred member who does; together we will make your full 12 House and natal report.

The Celtic Cross spread is the most well-known spread. I will read not only each individual card and consider it from its position in the spread, but I will look at  pairs, opposing cards, and numerological correspondences. I read “reversed” cards as lower-energy or as reversed energy depending on the card and its position in the spread taking the surrounding cards into full consideration.

The three card spread is much like the three rune spread and includes information about current, rising, and falling influences.

If you would like a Relationship, Career, Five Card, or Elipse Spread reading, drop me a line at and we will discuss it further.

You will receive a full written report of your tarot reading.

I Ching, The Book of Changes

I have never offered I Ching readings to the public before! And–here’s the thing–I don’t know why!

I love the I Ching’s simplicity and straightforward pragmatism. There’s not a whole lot of wiggle-room with the I Ching; the answers you get from one reading are the answers you will get time and again. This particular oracle is fairly persnickety about being asked to clarify itself!

The I Ching and its hexagrams are thought to pre-date recorded history. The ways they correspond to mathematical algorithms attracted mathematician-philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, “father” of Calculus. See “I Ching: The Religion That Inspired 7 Great Thinkers,” for more information.

I have used the I Ching in conjunction with The Aquarian Tarot since the 1980s and find that while the Tarot helps me find creative solutions to life’s challenges, the I Ching slaps me upside the head and sets me straight on the road from which I’ve wandered too far.

Readings are done by tossing coins or sticks; from the position of these items, two trigrams (of open or closed lines)

I Ching Hexigram #37 "chia-jen" or "The Family"

I Ching Hexigram #37 “chia-jen” or “The Family”

develop. Combining these two trigrams creates a hexigram which corresponds to specific energies like creativity, stillness, The Abyss, radiance, arousal, joy, gentleness, and groundedness/receptivity. As the two trigrams come together, the I Ching helps us understand the relationship (“changes”) that are prevalent when two energies meet. For instance, when radiance or fire meets groundedness, we find that the energy focuses most on “the family (the clan)” and “the dwelling place.”

Often, the hexigrams will include “changing lines” that create an entirely different hexigram and therefore represent entirely different energies. This is to say that the I Ching offers a look into the road you are on as well as the road you could be on if you alter your step accordingly.

You will receive a written report, an image of your hexigram(s), and a link to an image connected to that hexigram (per the Illustrated I Ching by R.L. Wing).

Legally Required DisclaimerThe products and services on this website are provided as curiosities and for entertainment purposes only. Ehsha Apple and Open Path Sanctuary are not responsible or liable for any damages incurred, either directly or indirectly, by the use of this service or any product sold here. By placing a request for a reading, you agree that your reading is subject to your own interpretation & is not a substitute for legal, financial, psychiatric or medical help. By requesting a reading, you agree to hold harmless for any real or perceived damages related to your reading. You further agree that we (any and all of us here at Open Path Sanctuary, The Wyrd Sister, Nine Worlds Kindred, The Bad Witch Files, Ehsha Apple, etc.) are not responsible or liable for any paranormal activity that will or will not occur!



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