So This Happened …

Just wanted to share.


Proof copies from the publisher just arrived. These are for my kindred to preview before open distribution. I’m a little tickled. OK–a lot tickled. I feel like I’m posting pictures of my newborn.


Also, my magical students now have legit study guides and workbooks. (This is the first of 3-4 sets, btw.) Doesn’t take the place of actual teaching and mentoring, but it sure helps with continuity of tradition as my older students step forward and start teaching.

The ritual book is on its way to finished too. I’m finally ticking off some goals.


PBP Week 1-2: A—Alignment

My brain is too fried for a serious blog about what’s happening with my journeys and such, so I thought I’d spend some time catching up on my PBP posts.

Magic will work when you are internally aligned—no matter where the stars are. But while you are working toward personal alignment, you can use external timing to help you hit your mark with a little more accuracy.

One of the earliest lessons a student of magic learns is one about timing. The alignment of the seasons, the planets, the planetary hours, the moon cycles, the days of the week—I even include the tidal cycles in my lesson on magical alignment.

I use the image of a zoetrope to explain the concept. Here’s a video to show you how a zoetrope works.

It’s not the most precise metaphor, but it works.


Imagine that you are aiming your energy at a point on the opposite side of a zoetrope. You will have a better chance of hitting your target rather than the outside rim of the spinner if you plan your timing well.

Now imagine that there are several spinners, each going in different directions and different speeds. (This is where the metaphor sort of fails—there are no zoetrope with multiple spinners as far as I know; it doesn’t seem the contraption would work. But go with the image if you can suspend technicalities.) If you look through the zoetrope, you’ll see something. But will it be exactly what you were aiming for? Maybe, if you are really lucky. But in order to make sure the external slots line up properly with the internal images, you have to take the timing of all of the spinners into consideration.

Of course we cast out our energy when we need to. We can’t always wait for the changing of a season or of a zodiacal influence. But if we can wait a few hours for the right planetary influence or the right tidal influence, we will have a better shot at getting our alignment right so that we can see the image—obtain our magical goal—with greater accuracy.

Until next time, waes hael!


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