Teaching/Pagan Ministries

At Open Path Sanctuary and Templum Gnostica, we operate a place of Pagan and occult scholarship, initiatory training, and philosophical dialogue.

We understand that, unfortunately, those who would serve and teach within the Pagan community are often called up to provide credentials that the broader world is ill-prepared to provide to Pagan ministers. Often, Pagan ministers are compelled to “buy” degrees or ordination online from non-ecclesiastical, predominantly secular institutions. At Open Path, it is our goal to help you earn the recognition you deserve by providing earned credentials: religious degrees and legal ordination.

We have a lot to offer. Whether you are someone who feels called to formal Pagan ordination, are looking for a degree in Pagan religious studies, or are looking for an eclectic open circle for sabbats and esbats, we have something for you.

Whether you live in our area or not, we have different ways for you to join in, learn, and meet some folks.

And if you are looking for a way to support a Pagan community (and do a little shopping while you’re at it), all of our profits from course fees, ordination fees, and from our retail outlets, Roots Occult & Curio and The Wyrd Sister, go to fund the temple and the school.

Go to OPStemplumgnostica.webs.com for much more information.


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